I am a Canadian-born mother of five, and wife of one amazing husband. My journey eventually leading to my present work began insidiously. As a child I was always creating something, including 'paper shoes' at age five. In the seventh grade art class a pen and ink art assignment revealed an unknown ability not uncommon in my family; my late grandmother was artistic and my late uncle is a celebrated, well-known Canadian sculptor.

Despite having had five children within eight years, nothing could inhibit my ever-present, overflowing passion; I surrendered to my unrelentless, insatiable craving to create. Besides my part-time position as a forensic assault nurse, and my hobbies which include sewing, knitting, spinning wool, guitar playing, song writing and performing in coffee houses, I have constructed stained glass windows and have had several medical illustrations published. I began painting on canvas, but soon realized I was unable to part with my projects. Painting on walls seemed a better option; I'd have to leave walls with their rightful owners!

Presently I focus on my passion, Trompe L'oeil. I believe my murals paint a song which is really a collaboration of my skills and my clients' visions. Together, we construct a theme which I then refine and achieve. In this process there is a bonding that occurs, leading me to completely understand and fulfill my clients' expectations. Never, ever, have I finished a job leaving dissatisfied customers. My work is generated by word-of-mouth from delighted customers.

My trademark is the extraordinary detail and definition which 'narrate' my murals. I am extremely meticulous with use of color and shading. I prefer to work from pictures or diagrams, and always strive to integrate the basic theme with that of the commissioner of my work. More than anything else, my work ethic is based on the fact that with my murals there is no ego involved. I believe that since these murals are in your home, it is my ultimate goal that you will be thrilled with them. While my brushes are my instrument, your walls are the music. I play them until they sing!